Your House in a Starring Role

The one thing that most productions have in common is the need for film-friendly houses. From high-rise condos to suburban homes, farmhouses to luxury mansions, characters can inhabit a variety of residences. If you ever thought your house would look great on-screen, or you’re intrigued by the idea of being paid for the use of your house, consider listing it on the Ontario Creates digital library.

The digital library is a secure site used by Canadian, American, and international producers who are thinking about filming in Ontario. Only registered film professionals can view information relating to private residences, meaning your address, photos, and contact information will not be visible publicly. Ontario Creates’ Property Owners Package has all the information you need to submit a listing, including photo guidelines, a release form, and a FAQ with further details (like how much you can expect to be paid). Questions or concerns about the digital library can be sent to library staff at [email protected].

Jennifer Lawrence’s character’s house in the Ottawa-shot ‘House at the End of the Street’

Depending on the uniqueness of your home and the evolving needs of productions, your house could be used once, several times, or maybe never. We can’t make any promises that your house will be used for a film shoot; however, by listing it on the digital library, you’re increasing your chances that it’s seen by location scouts and film and TV producers. And since Ottawa is experiencing a record-breaking year for production, there’s no better time than now to promote your location. What do you have to lose?

Photo: Albert Camicioli

Non-residential properties can also be added to the digital library, as well as to our own Flickr page of Ottawa’s film-friendly locations. If you own or manage a commercial, industrial, or cultural property that you think should have a starring role in an upcoming production, let us know about it! We’re always on the lookout for interesting locations that we can recommend to productions. The types of locations that are often sought (in addition to houses) include warehouses, offices, restaurants and cafes, abandoned or dilapidated buildings, schools, hospitals, and prisons. If you know a location that can match one of these looks, or something else that’s unique, send us an email at [email protected]. We might even feature your location on our Instagram page!